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U. S. Navy Official Web Site

Together We Served
Nice resource for current and former military service members. You can enter your service informaion - the site then automatically shows you other people who's career path crossed yours. You can also enter you "current" information - so old shipmates can find you and see how you're doing. Highly recommended.

US Submarines Centennial Spring 2000 UnderSea Warfare celebrating 100 Years of US Submarine Service

UnderSea Warfare - Tender Tale Summer 2002 UnderSea Warfare celebrating 100 Years of U. S. Submarine Tenders

CNO - UnderSea Warfare

Naval Vessel Registry The U. S. Navy's official inventory of ships

USS Fulton AS 11 USS Fulton Association's website.
USS Sperry AS 12 USS Sperry Association's website.
USS Bushnell AS 15 USS Bushnell Association's website.
USS Orion AS 18USS Orion Association website.
USS Euryale AS 22 USS Euryale Memorial website.
USS Hunley AS 31 USS Hunley Association's website (new and under construction).
USS Holland AS 32 USS Holland Association's webiste.
USS Simon Lake AS 33 USS Simon Lake Association's webiste.
USS Simon Lake AS 33Another page for Simon Lake - more pictures, and a good "look" at duty at Holy Loch!
USS Canopus AS 34 USS Canopus Association's website.
USS Canopus AS 34 Another page for Canopus.
USS L. Y. Spear AS 36 USS L. Y. Spear Association's website
USS Emory S. Land AS-39 Official Navy Web Page for the Sub Tender at Bremmerton, WA (may be temporarily offline).
USS Fank Cable AS-40 Official Navy Web Page for the Sub Tender at Guam.
USS McKee AS 41 USS McKee website.
USS Bowfin (SS-287) Another neat Submarine Site! This one is from Hawaii - and is about the Bowfin.
USS Icefish (SS-367) Very nice site - with complete war patrol reports... Contained within those reports are good examples of what the tenders did for the fleet boats that took the War to the enemy.
USS Pampanito (SS-383) A GREAT site covering the history of this very active boat in WWII. Included are excerpts from it's patrol logs, including it's visits to several Tenders.
Ron Martini's SubpageFabulous Submarine page - lots and lots of stuff!
Site OneLots of pictures of Site One and SubRon 14 - nice site maintained by Jim Collins
Dutch SubmarinesThe Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy (includes a section on Dutch Sub Tenders).
Submarine Wives ClubA support oriented site for those married to a submarine - when they thought they were marrying a sailor...

Sherry and Randy - where they live- what they do - hobbies and such

Randy's Page About Randy - Work, hobbies and such.

Sherry's Page About Sherry - Work, hobbies and such.

The City of Meridian, MS Where Sherry and Randy live. Be sure and check out the visitor's center.

Glimpses of Meridian Trains, Air Planes, Live Steam and Stuff....  Includes Wings over Meridian - held at Naval Air Station Meridian- the base they can't kill (survived all three BRACs!).

Antique Radio Virtual Museum Gone - but not forgotten - the Mississippi Historical Radio and Broadcasting Society

Sherry's Boatanchor Page Sherry has a very nice collection of old radios - and there are some of remains of Randy's collection, too.