A Tender Tale

There are two parallel paths for TenderTale I. The Story in each is identical - the only difference is that path one has music files embedded. Some people like (and have the hardware / software to play) the music files - other people don't care for them - so you may choose which ever path you like. Info about Hardware / Software requirements and options are below.

About the music: The songs are not arbitrary - but are very much part of the story - they relate to the subject, the times and if you're old enough - give you a feeling something like stepping into a time machine. If you're not old enough to "remember" these songs - then they will give you a feel - for the mood of the times. The difference in the two paths is that path two actually plays the songs through your computer - while path one just notes the lyrics.
Here for story with music background Here for story with no music background
Path one contains standard Type 1 Midi files that can be played by any Midi capable browser - either directly, using Meida Player, Quicktime, or another Midi Plug-in. The files are included only as accompaniment for TenderTale (i.e. a multimedia performance), and are not intended for downloading, commercial or any other use. Such unauthorized downloading or use may violate various copyrights..
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