The original intent of TenderTale was to provide a glimpse of the little-known world of the Submarine Tender - and that "part" of the Silent Service family. Through the efforts of a large and still growing number of people - TenderTale has grown to become the Tender Family site. We would like to acknowledge everyone who has contributed, encouraged and helped us along the way - but that number is quickly becoming too large to be practical - so to all: Please accept our heartfelt thanks!

Having said that - there are several major items and contributors that we feel we need to Acknowledge here:

First - Sherry -
who has put many long hours in boring research, proof reading and verifying data; and has put up with "Navy Stuff" she thought she was rid of long ago --- and most of all - just putting up with me. Her helpand encouragement has kept me on track - when it would have been much easier to just "let it slide".

Second - Frank Cantrell -
recently retired from civil service - he was aboard and managed the IX-518 - former Proteus (AS-19). He has gone way above and beyond - providing historical items, pictures, updates - current location / status of ships (besides the "Old Pro" - he monitored the Sperry until she was towed off). He alone is responsible for roughly a third of all of the data and pictures on TenderTale. He has spent countless hours in libraries researching and finding many of the ships who served as Submarine Tenders - but had been nearly lost to history. His stories are always a delight - his affection and dedication to the Old Pro and her former crews -- is unfailing. Words fail to convey all he has contributed and meant to this project. So - he knows just how heartfelt and sincere this simple word is to him: Thanks!

Garnet Murphey
for allowing us the privilege of sharing her Father's World War II experiences - we extend that thanks to all of Henry "Hank" Henderson's family - and express our heartfelt condolences at his recent passing.

Tony Curtis
for taking the time out from his exceptionally busy life to personally relate his story and his feelings about those times.

Ron Boggio
it's difficult for a private person like Ron to share his feelings about things - yet Ron's story has touched many, many people in a very positive way (we get a lot of email about his story).

Charles Meyer
As if his story of the Fulton at the Battle for Midway wasn't enough- Charles has contributed a great deal more in other ways and things. The following have all contributed much - so much that I've lost track of "whom / what / when"... So here are some grand people:

  • Jay Gieseke
  • Lee Hein
  • Bruce Paxson
  • Dave Peckinpaugh
  • Ron Reeves
  • Henry Spenceley
  • Martin Stewart

  • A lot of the pictures, history, etc. came from Frank Cantrell found at the:

    Bremerton Naval Museum
    130 Washington Ave.
    Bremerton, WA 98377
    Helen M. Devine, Director/Curator
    (360) 479-7447

    We thank Mrs. Devine and the rest of the Museum staff for their kind and generous help.

    NAS Meridian was of invaluable help in assisting us in locating and accessing the great amount of data and histories of the many ships covered here. Without their help - TenderTale would not be so complete a reference on Tenders. We thank Captain B. M. Satterwhite, Jr., Commanding Officer Naval Air Station, Meridian Mississippi for his policy of open-door access to the community; and we extend a large and grateful thanks to the Base Librarian, Mrs. Betty Hardy - who extended us every courtesy and whose resourcefulness made gathering the main body of data, histories and pictures a manageable task.

    While we're on the subject of NAS Meridian: several have asked if this is THAT base - the only base to have been on the "chopping block" in all three rounds of the base closure process and to have survived. Yup, certainly is. When you understand the strong personal friendships and ties between that community (NAS) and this one (Meridian) - it's easy to understand how when we needed help - it was there. By the same token- when the last base closurehearings were underway - and some of the commissioners and staff came to personally inspect the base - ignoring 90+ degree heat - this community of 45,000+ put 20,000+ bodies on the base and lining the tour route - to show our support. Yes - that's our community - our base!

    Most ship's histories, many pictures and data came from the eight volumes of:
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships - edited by James Mooney.

    Supplemental data from Janes Fighting Ships

    Pictures from the National Archives, Official Navy Photos, Boeing (Autonetics), Sherry Guttery, Randy Guttery, and Lee Hein.

    Songs: The 25 songs used in this multi-media presentation are:

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