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And now there are none - at least not as we knew them.

The last two US Navy fully manned and operated Submarine Tenders
have been handed over to Military Sealift Command.
Merchant Marines will sail and operate the ships -
while a small contingent of US Navy "technicians" will provide service for tended units.

US Navy Submarine Tenders - fully US Navy manned and operated as they were for 100+ years -
are no more.

ALL of the ships of the ghost fleet at Suisun will be removed by 2017.

Most of them will be disposed by scrapping - with the first two already "in transit".

The "cutting torches" are now lit for Sperry with her sale to ESCO Marine for scrapping. Here is the contract (and many thanks to Chris Vallery for coming through "with the goods" - yet again!!!!!):
Sales Contract for Sperry

No news about Nereus (AS 17) nor Holland (AS 32) - but the news about Sperry doesn't bode well for either. MARAD hasn't updated the NDRF inventory in several months (last published for May 31 -- when checked on 8/10) - so we're not sure what's going on "officially" with those ships...

ESCO Marine Brownsville, Texas has completed recycling L. Y. Spear (AS 36)
so it appears they are ready to start on SPERRY.

Sperry was towed through the Panama Canal on 11/17/2011 - putting her on the last leg of her last voyage.

According to the February 2010 report to Congress by the Director, Warfare Integration, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations - both USS Simon Lake (AS 33) and USS Frank McKee (AS 41) have been designated for dismantling.

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