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The Tenders
USS Hist USS Fulton AS 1
USS Fortune USS Bushnell AS 2
USS Nina USS Holland AS 3
USS Elcano USS Alert AS 4
USS Castine USS Beaver AS 5
USS Dixie USS Camden AS 6
USS Tonopah USS Rainbow AS 7
USS Mohican USS Savannah AS 8
USS Severn USS Canopus AS 9
USS Florida / USS Tallahassee USS Argonne AS 10
USS Yosemite USS Fulton AS 11
USS Monadnock USS Sperry AS 12
USS Cheyenne USS Griffin AS 13
USS Ozark USS Griffin AS 13 Page 2
USS Potomac USS Pelias AS 14
USS St. Louis USS Bushnell AS 15
USS Charleston USS Bushnell AS 15 - Page 2
USS Monterey USS Howard W. Gilmore AS 16
USS Hannibal page 17
USS Chicago USS Orion AS 18
USS Chewink USS Proteus AS 19
USS Finch USS Proteus AS 19 - Page 2
USS Curlew USS Proteus AS 19 2006 Reunion
USS Ortolan IX-518 (former) USS Proteus
USS Seagull USS Otus AS 20
USS Quail USS Antaeus AS 21
USS Ajax USS Euryale AS 22
USS Falcon USS Aegir AS 23
USS Pigeon USS Anthedon AS 24
USS Coucal USS Apollo AS 25
USS Clytie AS 26
USS Hunley AS 31
USS Holland AS 32
USS Simon Lake AS 33
USS Canopus AS 34
USS Canopus AS 34 - Page 2
USS L. Y. Spear AS 36
USS Dixon AS 37
USS Emory S. Land AS 39
USS Frank Cable As 40
USS Frank Cable AS 40 - Page 2
USS McKee AS 41

Tender Deployments
The Early Years - The East Coast Mare Island
The Early Years - The West Coast World War Two
The Philippines and Asiatic Station Apra Harbor Guam
The Panama Canal Zone Key West
Norfolk Charleston, S. C.
World War One Holy Loch
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Rota
New London La Maddalena
San Pedro Kings Bay
Pearl Harbor Deployments: The 1980s & 1990s
San Diego Escort and other duties

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TenderTale III -- World War II - Tender Sailor in the Pacific
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The Old Navy - When Sail met Submarine
Sea Stories
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Above and Beyond - When Disaster Strikes
Operation New Life - Guam - 1975
Huricane Hugo
Operation Fiery Vigil - Philippines
Other Disasters

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